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At MOUVE, we take the ‘work’ out of workout. Instead we keep your fitness levels soaring with our high energy routines, a pumping playlist and our famous community spirit. Whether you are just starting out, or are a fitness wizard, we have the class for you! De-stress, go at your own intensity and super-charge your health at our classes. Boost your mood and your fitness levels – if it feels like a party, it might be a MOUVE class.

Choose a live in person class or workout from the comfort of your own home!

Zumba Live in Person

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I suffer with mental health issues and believe me you should be available on the nhs!!!

Mouvers + Shakers

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    You and your classes are an absolute tonic .. you turned an otherwise grey miserable morning where I didn’t want to get out of bed into a joy.. I can’t thank you enough for always making me feel better!
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    I would definitely recommend this to others who can’t make the live times -it’s great! By the way, in desperation I trialled something called **** which is a subscription based platform for literally hundreds of people offering live and online forms of exercise. I tried around 4 of their classes from a range of providers and compared with you they were all rubbish! Nice, but just didn’t have the ability to motivate or make it as enjoyable as you do. Explanations often unclear or badly modelled …or too much chat .. that kind of thing. I am a devotee! Thanks so much for making this available, it makes a huge difference if I can access it when I am not working. Viv
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    FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS I just had such a great work out! Thanks!! I have been trying to think of what it is, that makes you such a great instructor, I have been to loads of different classes with different Zumba teachers.....and I worked out what it is tonight. You genuinely enjoy every minute of it and we can really feel that, and that makes us enjoy it too! Gita 
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    I wanted to say thanks. I just did one of your short videos on Facebook and loved it!  I’ve always wanted to do your classes and never had the confidence... I love the idea of online classes as no one would see me doing it! I’ve lost half a stone doing your recorded workout each day.  Dina
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    I've been doing your classes for about 7 years now.... From the first lesson your enthusiasm and energy just leapt off the stage and kept me coming back time after time. I just wanted to thank you properly. Keep well and keep on dancing, Naama
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    ..with 3 little ones under 3 I barely have time for anything new so your classes are the one thing I can feel I am achieving and can be proud of....over and above keeping my boys alive. Thanks again so looking forward to the next one! Emma
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    Your classes are what brought me out of my depression... I know I've told you this before Louise, but I cannot stop thanking you for helping me learn to put one foot in front of the other (excuse the pun 🤣). In the months before I found your class, I struggled to even get out of the house - to face the world. I was deeply depressed after my young daughter passed away. You assured me that no-one would be looking at me, no-one would laugh at my uncoordinated moves, because they were involved in getting their own moves together!  You were so right! Slowly, I joined in more classes and I began to feel liberated and free. The moves, teachers, crowd and the upbeat music - altogether was my happy hour for the day - 3 times a week - it really was the best therapy I could find, and I cannot recommend your classes highly enough! Thank you so much for providing the space in which I found the chance to breath, be myself without judgement, and learn to smile again.
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    Thank you so much, it meant the world to be able to keep up!!! You don’t realise how good I feel now! Gila

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