What can I expect from a MOUVE iDanceFit class?

All our fitness classes promote a healthy lifestyle, fitness, strength, confidence in dance and self-expression, coordination, rhythm and dance repertoire. No experience is required as our instructors will take you through each routine and then lead the class with the music.

The programme of tracks are scheduled to include a cardio-warm up, a fantastic selection of routines to an awesome playlist, ending with a cool-down stretch, all contained within a fun party-style class suitable for ladies and girls of all abilities. Choose your favourite style or why not try them all!?

Burn up to 800 calories a session whilst having the BEST TIME! Notice your good mood post-class and watch your energy levels soar as our classes leave you on a total high!

Our signature iDanceFit classes fuse together the best of Bollywood, Zumba, Hiphop, Pop and Hiit dance routines designed to make you sweat bucket loads and leave class buzzing! Ladies love our in-house dance routines that teach you the BEST moves for the dance floor. Classes include cardio warm-ups and dance routines as well as HIIT sequences targeting arms, core and legs, all choreographed to your favourite songs! Boost your mood and your fitness levels at our thrilling sessions – perfect for those who love to dance and want to find a fun, easy-to-follow and sustainable dance & fitness regime!

Enjoy our hardcore full hour sessions or why not try our express 30-minute sessions, perfect for beginners looking to build their fitness levels as well as busy ladies wanting to squeeze in a quick but effective workout into their day!

What should I wear?

All iDanceFit students must wear:

  • A MOUVE or any DWL T-shirt
  • Black leggings or joggers
  • A loose-fitting skirt may be worn
  • Own trainers

Please email the office to receive our uniform list.


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