Acro Tots

What can I expect to do in a Mouve Acrotots class?

Over the past 10 years, our dance gymnastics class has been an enormous success. Our brand new Acrotots curriculum introduces young children to acrobatics with an accredited acrobat programme. We are so excited to introduce this fantastic programme to our younger years (3-4yrs and 5-6yrs).

This class is a wonderful introduction to all things gymnastics, promoting a healthy lifestyle and developing fitness, strength and flexibility from an early age. This well structured and engaging class will ensure that children learn terminology and think on their feet, helping them reach physical milestones. This will also serve the children well for any sports they choose to play throughout their childhood years due to the strength, agility and coordination acquired.

What should I wear?

All ballet students must wear:

  • Pink ballet tights
  • Ballet skirt and leotard with an optional cardigan in the colour appropriate for their grade
  • Pink ballet shoes with elastics

Please email the office to receive our uniform list.

Any other information I ought to know?

Ballet is the core of all dance and the best place for any student to start their dance journey. As such, our classes start from age 3 years. We encourage parents not to stay in the class. Students should come ready to dance and have fun!

N.B. During the current global pandemic, and to ensure we remain Covid-19 secure, any props used in our tots and pre-primary classes will only be used if they can be disinfected between classes. Partner work (such as galloping) will only be done at a safe distance, for example, by using ribbons to keep the children apart. Depending on space, anyone trying our youngest classes for the first time we will be able to accommodate a masked parent in the class for the first week only but if possible. Please contact the office for more information.