Acro Bop

What can I expect to do in a Mouve Acrobop class?

This brand new class is a blend of our Acro Tots and Groovy Mouvers class, bringing you the best of both worlds.

The first section of the class will work through the Acrobatic Arts Pre-School syllabus (see Acro Tots for further details). The last section will work on thrilling set Dance routines, allowing your child to step into the magical world of DANCELY, an exciting new Dance programme with awe-inspiring routines choreographed to exclusive music written and produced by the writers of Disney, Marvel and Netflix.

This course promotes an active lifestyle boosting fitness levels, coordination, strength, flexibility and musicality, qualities necessary to succeed in all areas of sport and dance. We will also provide exclusive performance opportunities in Summer 2022 so you can watch your little one in action!.

What should I wear?

All Acro Bop students must wear:

  • Black leggings or Black shorts
  • Mouve by DWL uniform T-shirt
  • Jazz shoes & ankle socks

Please email the office to receive our uniform list.

Any other information I ought to know?

Students should come ready to dance and have fun! No previous experience necessary. Please bring a labelled water bottle to class.