Boys Acro + Breakdancing

What can I expect from a MOUVE Boys Acro + Breakdancing class?

A class specifically for boys who want to get fit & strong whilst learning the coolest Breakdancing moves & Acro tricks! Pupils complete an energetic cardio warm up with conditioning exercises working on strength and flexibility, followed by a range of Gymnastics drills.

These then progress onto Acrobatics and Breakdancing skills culminating in a fantastic routine piecing together all the new tricks learnt. Classes promote fitness, strength, confidence in dance and self expression, coordination, rhythm and dance repertoire. No previous experience necessary.

What should I wear?

All acro + breakdancing students must wear:

  • A MOUVE or any DWL T-shirt
  • Black joggers or shorts
  • Own trainers or black jazz shoes

Please email the office to receive our uniform list.

N.B. During the current global pandemic, and to ensure we remain Covid-19 secure, classes will be focussed on fitness, strength & flexibility, tricks that don’t require support, along with a fabulous MOUVE dance routine, as ALL pupils and staff MUST remain at a 2-metre distance, so for safety we are not allowed to practise tricks that require support.