Groovy Mouvers

What can I expect to do in a Mouve It Groovy Mouvers class?

Our brand new, restyled dance programme aimed at our early years (3-5 yrs and 5-6 yrs) brings you a fusion of Jazz and HipHop. It is an excellent way of introducing children to all the foundations of dance in a fun and energetic setting.

At Mouve, we have a unique and carefully put-together syllabus incorporating the brand new Dancely curriculum. Classes include fun and age-appropriate music written by songwriters for Marvel, Disney and Netflix, and dance routines that introduce dance steps in an educational and engaging way. Choreographed routines follow enticing themes to keep kids on their toes, such as ‘Pizza Palooza’, ‘Unique Unicorns’ and ‘Dancin’ Dino Dash’.

This class promotes coordination, rhythm and an active lifestyle by following the Early Years guidelines from the government, which will help your children reach milestones in their physical development.

What should I wear?

All Groovy Mouvers students must wear:

  • Black leggings or black tracksuit bottoms
  • MOUVE or Dancing with Louise uniform T-shirt
  • Black Jazz shoes or trainers

Please email the office to receive our uniform list.

Any other information I ought to know?

 Students should come ready to dance and have fun! No previous experience necessary. Please bring a labelled bottle of water to class.

N.B. During the current global pandemic, and to ensure we remain Covid-19 secure, any props used in our tots and pre-primary classes will only be used if they can be disinfected between classes. Partner work (such as galloping) will only be done at a safe distance, for example, by using ribbons to keep the children apart. Depending on space, anyone trying our youngest classes for the first time we will be able to accommodate a masked parent in the class for the first week only but if possible. Please contact the office for more information.