Hip Hop – Teen

What can I expect from a MOUVE Hiphop class?

Hiphop is our most popular class and our Juniors are SO good! Whether it’s our 7-9yrs, 7-11yrs or 9-12yrs class you join, you are guaranteed top notch routines, a full on dance workout and the best social network with our amazing dance family! The routines are fresh and energetic and it is quite incredible to see what gets learnt over the course of each term. The bar is set so high by our enthusiastic students & world-class instructors and there are opportunities to perform at our large-scale shows and community events. This class is perfect for keen dancers  wanting to learn the latest routines to the highest of standards. No previous experience is necessary, just a positive attitude and a drive to learn impressive routines and grow and improve as a dancer and performer.

Classes promote fitness, strength, self-confidence, self-expression, coordination, rhythm, choreography skills and dance repertoire.

What should I wear?

All hiphop students must wear:

  • A MOUVE or DWL T-shirt
  • Black leggings or joggers
  • xxxxx

Please email us to receive our uniform list.


Students should come ready to dance and have fun! No previous experience necessary. Please bring a labelled bottle of water to class.