COVID-19 policy

  • Maximum class sizes have been set with reference to room sizes and government guidelines.

  • We will be observing the latest social distancing guidance from the UK Government with spots marked on the floor to show students where to stand in class. There will be no contact or direct hand-holding activities. We will also not use props. If props are required for a certain dance (eg teddy bear), we will ask students to bring their own in.

  • Parents will not be permitted to enter venues, please wait outside for your child to be ticked in before the session and released at the end of the session.

  • Students will use hand sanitiser which is stationed at the reception area before entering and leaving the sessions.

  • There will be regular hygiene checks and cleaning of multi-touch surfaces before and after classes.

  • All rooms are ventilated as much as possible without compromising security.​​

  • Our on-site first aider will wear a mask and gloves when administering any first aid.

  • If your child or a member of your household experiences Coronavirus symptoms less than 14 days before a session, please do not attend, follow Public Health England guidelines.