What can I expect from a MOUVE Ballet class?

This is the perfect start to every child’s dancing career! Our tots ballet class consists of easy-to-follow ballet steps & routines danced to age appropriate music which is both magical and engaging!
Imagination and props are also used to help keep your little one entertained and on their toes (excuse the punn!!)

Any other information I ought to know?

Ballet is the core of all dance and the best place for any student to start their dance journey. All classes in our MY FIRST MOUVES programme require parents / carers to stay in the class. Students should come ready to dance and have fun! It is also completely normal for children at this age to sometimes look around rather than join in. Please do not be alarmed or worried as it is very common for some children at this young age to process information in a new environment by watching initially, sometimes taking them a few weeks to have the confidence and understanding to dance the steps themselves.

What should I wear?

All ballet students must wear:

  • Pink ballet tights
  • Ballet skirt and leotard with an optional cardigan in the colour appropriate for their grade
  • Pink ballet shoes with elastics

Please email the office to receive our uniform list.