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Live Zumba Classes


We offer a range of dance classes for adults, suitable whether you’re. beginner or have experience as a dancer. 


Looking for a fun way to get fit? Why not try out a Dance Exercise Class, also known as Dancercise! Whether you’re in Hendon, Finchley or Mill Hill, we’ve got Zumba classes, Adult Ballet Classes or Lyrical Jazz that are perfect for your needs. Not only is dancing a great way to get the heart pumping and calories burning, but it’s also a fantastic way to have fun and let loose. So why not come and join us for an energetic and exciting workout? We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!



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Adult Ballet Class

Adult Lyrical Jazz Classes

Lyrical Jazz is a beautiful style of dance that blends the fluidity and grace of ballet with the sharp, expressive movements of jazz. It is a wonderfully emotive form of dance that allows dancers to connect with their audience on a deep and personal level.

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Zumba Classes

Our Zumba classes are high energy, feel-good, and a fantastic way to get in shape while having fun. With exciting music and dynamic moves, you’ll leave our Zumba classes feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!

MOUVE® Ladies Fitness Zumba Class


At Mouve we know the positive impact that dance has on your life. Not only is it a fabulous way of keeping fit and healthy and learning new skills, but it does wonders for your confidence and good mental health, giving you that zest for life! Mouve changes lives for the better.

Are you ready to make a MOUVE?


Even if you have never danced before, you don’t have to worry. Our choreography is designed to be accessible to all skill levels, so you’ll be able to pick it up quickly. Our friendly and experienced instructors will walk you through every step of the routine, making sure that you feel confident and comfortable. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you learn and how much fun dance can be!

You should always make sure you are wearing comfortable and loose clothing when attending any dance class. It is important that you are able to move freely and comfortably. Along with your clothing, it is recommended that you wear comfortable and well-fitting trainers that provide support and stability to your feet. Investing in comfortable clothing and shoes will improve your overall dance experience and help you focus on perfecting your moves.

Dancercise is the perfect combination of dance and exercise that helps you stay fit and have fun at the same time. Whether you are a dance enthusiast or just starting, dancercise offers a unique way to stay active, build strength, improve flexibility, and boost cardiovascular health. With its lively music and engaging choreography, dancercise is a fun and effective way to achieve your fitness goals. Join us today and experience the magic of dancercise!

You’ve no doubt heard the word Zumba. But what exactly is it? Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program that incorporates high-energy music and choreographed movements to create an exciting and fun workout experience. It was created in the 1990s and has since become a global movement with millions of people participating in classes every week. Whether you’re looking to improve your cardio health, tone your muscles, or just have fun moving to the beat, Zumba is a fantastic way to achieve your fitness goals while having a blast!

MOUVE® have a number of conveniently located facilities across North West London. We offer a wide range of dance fitness classes in popular areas such as Finchley, Hampstead Garden Suburbs, Mill Hill, and Hendon. Our experienced instructors will guide you through fun and dynamic workouts, ensuring that you have a great time while getting fit. Join us today and discover the joy of MOUVE® dance fitness!

A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.
A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.
A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.

We have a very special offer for you!

For a limited time only, you can enjoy our amazing range of fitness classes for an entire month for just £10! This is a fantastic opportunity to discover the perfect workout for you and join our welcoming community of fitness enthusiasts.