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This is the perfect start to every child’s dancing career!


Looking for a Dance Community that focuses on fun, inclusivity, community spirit and oozes positivity?
Then join the MOUVEment today!



This is the perfect start to every child’s dancing career! Our tots ballet class consists of easy-to-follow ballet steps & routines danced to age appropriate music which is both magical and engaging! Imagination and props are also used to help keep your little one entertained and on their toes (excuse the pun!)

Ballet is the core of all dance and the best place for any student to start their dance journey.

MOUVE® Gymnastics Lesson


Our exhilarating weekly sessions combine gymnastics floor-work skills including splits, cartwheels, forward rolls, leg holds, back-bends, elbow stands and walk-overs (name a few), progressing onto flips and aerials in our advanced classes.

Pupils will learn to execute and perfect these gymnastic stunts with set dance steps to create impressive choreographed routines. We follow the world renowned Acrobatic Arts syllabus and each pupil will be individually assessed so they start on the right level.

There are 28 skills that need to be mastered in each level and every year students will receive a certificate for each level passed. Classes will challenge students physically and mentally, help develop fitness, strength, co-ordination and flexibility as a dancer and as an acrobat.


Hiphop is our most popular class and our Juniors are SO good!

Whether it’s our 7-9yrs, 7-11yrs or 9-12yrs class you join, you are guaranteed top notch routines, a full on dance workout and the best social network with our amazing dance family! The routines are fresh and energetic and it is quite incredible to see what gets learnt over the course of each term.

The bar is set so high by our enthusiastic students & world-class instructors and there are opportunities to perform at our large-scale shows and community events. This class is perfect for keen dancers  wanting to learn the latest routines to the highest of standards. No previous experience is necessary, just a positive attitude and a drive to learn impressive routines and grow and improve as a dancer and performer.

Classes promote fitness, strength, self-confidence, self-expression, coordination, rhythm, choreography skills and dance repertoire.

MOUVE® Hip Hop for kids
MOUVE® Broadway Minis


For those who love the Triple Threat – to sing, dance and act – this is for you. All classes follow a vocal warm up, drama games and improvisation, dance stretching and flexibility and all skills are combined in impressive show-stopping numbers to perform on stage. Expect to learn classics from West End hit musicals including: Matilda, School of Rock, Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Annie and CATS. Classes are taught by our qualified instructors, lots of them West End performers in their own right! Pupils will also have the opportunity to enter into LAMDA Acting and Musical Theatre exams. No previous experience necessary – but bags of enthusiasm required 🙂


At Mouve, we follow the world-renowned RAD syllabus. Students will develop poise, grace, flexibility, stamina, and confidence whilst learning new Ballet skills. No previous experience is required for our classes, but contact us to find the most suitable class. Pointe work is offered to the higher grades when pupils are ready to take that next step at the teacher’s discretion. Optional exams are also available at the teacher’s discretion.

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There's a MOUVE® class for all ages